The most popular, and the most challenging, build in the Bisimoto stable. We had only 7 weeks to turn this stock minivan to a 1029hp behemoth. There was no aftermarket part support for the new earth dreams engine in 2013, we had to convert it to a manual gearbox, explore a custom engine management integration without a basemap, and design so many components from scratch. Our persistence paid off, and it was worth the sleepless nights and illness. Key takeaway: NEVER GIVE UP! People will doubt you… make fun of you, and even abandon you. In the end, you will succeed!

Removable Hardtop

Custom lightweight carbon fiber hardtop, color matched

Ultralight wheels

19-inch Carbon Revolution wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes R888R

Functional Aerodynamics

Fully adjustable APR GT rear wing


Fully adjustable APR front splitter


F1-inspired center position seat

Massive Cooling

Spearco liquid-to-air intercoolers


APR GT rear wing

Ultra Durable Rigidity

Welded-in full cage adds structural rigidity far beyond factory specs

Light and Airy

2,550 lbs wet, 49.9/50.1 left-to-right balance with center drive