Bisimoto Hyundai Steel Rods

Bisimoto Spec. Steel rods are manufactured from the very best aircraft quality 4340 steel. Using Autocad 14 technology, the Bisimoto Spec. rods are lightweight without sacrifice of strength. Rods and rod big end caps are forged in separate processes for optimum internal grain flow and structural integrity. The Bisimoto Spec. steel rods feature 3/8" diameter ARP bolts and have been tested to over 800 HP on a proper tune. Ideal for street, strip, road race, auto-x, time attack and full power competitions...n/a or boosted.

The small end bores feature bronze pin bushings for floating pin applications, with proper oiling orifices: perfect for shelf and custom forged pistons, providing amazing lubrication qualities in the most extreme performance applications.

Elantra "NU" engine H beam rod set

Set of 4 replacement H-beam steel rods for the Hyundai . Features ARP bolts, wrist pin oiling holes, handles up to 800whp with proper tune. A... more info

Genesis Lambda 3.8L H beam rod set

Set of6 replacement H-beam steel rods for the Lambda V6 port injection, GDI, G6DA and G6DJHyundai engines. Features ARP bolts, wrist pin oiling... more info