How much does a dyno tune/session cost?

Dyno time is charged on an hourly basis, with the exception of baseline pulls/tests. The cost for dyno tuning is outlined in the table above.

Offsite, out of state, and overseas tuning is available as well.

More 9 second FWD all motor cars use the Bisimoto facility to tune than any dyno shop in the world! Bisimoto is the premier choice of the NASA H2 circuit racing teams, many factory based road race and drag teams do as well. These teams demand the best in tuning abilities and knowledge.

You do get what you pay for. Many dyno shops have sprouted up in the Southern California area, and have been proven to damage customers’ hard earned investments due to lack of experience and credentials. Anyone with the resources, can purchase a dyno, but not everyone is a degreed engineer, can tune, or understands the science behind proper tuning. This practice has been common with a few “racers” out there, who try to take advantage of unsuspecting fans and customers. Driving a race car does not make you a tuner, and hence one should beware of such unscrupulous facilities.

The average tuning time can vary depending on parts chosen, and state of tune upon arrival. Two (2) to three (3) hours is a good mindset around anticipated time. You will be updated if the tune needs to exceed that timeframe. PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and cash are the accepted means of payment.

How do I book an appointment?

Call us at 888-9BC-MOTO (888-922-6686) or write to us through the Contact link. Make sure that you have adequate fuel for the session. We carry high octane race fuel, if needed. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all fluids are in place, with proper levels, for example engine and transmission oil, and engine coolant fluids. Bring any wheel lock keys, when locks are installed on wheels.

Unlike roller style dynamometers, an alignment is not required prior to testing, and there is no danger of your vehicle seeing damage due to loose or tight straps on your suspension. There is documentation of vehicles veering off of roller dynos, causing significant damage to the investment of both the facility and the enthusiasts vehicles. That is not the case with the safe hub-style Dynapack units.

Can your facility tune Carbureted and Injected engines?

Yes, we can. In addition to tons of accolades, Bisimoto Engineering is EFI 101, AEM EMS, Gen 2 and Factory Infinity certified. We also have successfully tuned thousands of street, race and show vehicles.

In the Southern California area, many enthusiasts have had difficulty finding a facility that is comfortable with Weber, SK, Solex, Mikuni, JayCee and Berg carbs. That challenge is now gone! We have had over a decade of experience with carburetor tuning. The only additional cost are in purchasing the required jets (and in the rare instance, pump jets, emulsion tubes and/or needle valves).

Which EFI systems can Bisimoto Engineering tune?

Many, including, but not limited to, AEM EMS, AEM Gen 2, AEM Infinity, Hondata, K-Pro, Flash Pro, AEM FIC, Stinger, Weber FI, Haltech, Platinum, Pectel, Motec, and countless piggyback systems like APEXi.

What is the power handling of your dyno?

Our newer and upgraded Dynapack unit model 3000 (now a 4000 series model) can handle power around the 1100 wheel hp range. This covers over 98% of the vehicles that typically visit a dyno facility in the U.S.

How many lugs can my wheel have to use this dyno?

Our dyno is currently set up to run vehicles equipped with 4 and 5 lug hubs only.

Will I make more power on your dyno than others?

Many other local dyno shops try to create appeal for their cheaper and inadequate dynamometers by spreading rumors about Dynapack dynos. Our updated calibration software Dynapack displays power figures similar to the ubiquitous Dynojet (within 3 hp at the same altitude and temperature). As experienced designers and enthusiasts, every customer leaves the Bisimoto tuning facility with insights on how to improve the reliable power of their vehicle, after each session.

Can your facility tune sandrails?

Yes, we can and do! We are not limited by the footprint of your offroad sandrail. Give us a call for more details.

Do you test for manufacturers?

Many high performance manufacturers us the Bisimoto facility to precise and controlled quantitative analysis of new and beta products. AEM electronics, PurOl lubricants, Torco Racing oils, Web Camshafts, Holley, American Honda, Hyundai Motors America, Aptera and NGK spark plugs are a few prestigious companies who use our services.