Camshafts & Valvetrain

Factory spec, and custom camshafts can be had in stellite enhanced buildup, or billet in selected applications.

For aircooled engines, older 911s to 1977 use 47mm, three (3) main bearings on the camshafts. 1978+ engines use the popular 4 main bearings at 49mm. All Bisimoto spec camshafts for the air colled engines are of 4 main billet variety, which are compatible with the pre 1977 three (3) main engines and heads. Other options include power steering and/or oil scavenge pump drives.

Call in, for special applications. Units take 7-10 business days to manufacture.

Bisimoto valvesprings utilize the most distiguished windings for longevity and keeping valvetrain motion and dynamics in check. Insist on genuine Bisimoto products.