This is the very same plate system that won the IDRC 2003 and 2008 IDRA all motor champtionships, and showcased in the June to August Sport Compact Car magazine! Many may ask, "Why the D-series transmission?" These transmissions are plentiful and very cost effective. Since many popular Honda chassis come with these transmissions from factory, factory style axles, mounts, shift linkages, and gearbox sensors can economically remain intact. Strength of the individual gears is also a big plus. Unlike their B-series bretheren, D-based gears are "stubby", and take well to abuse.

Favorite transboxes include, but not limited to, the '86 to '89 Acura Integra D16A1, and the '97+ Civic ex (due to the ferrous based shiftforks). The Bisimoto Adapter units, the flywheel, bolts and plate, have been rigorously tested in racing environments for 4 years: a claim which imitators cannot replicate. Metallurgical testing has occured to ensure the perfect components.

Precision is key: misaligned dowels or poor workmanship can result in damaged engines (destroyed main bearings), and gearboxes. This CNC plate system will allow the benefits of power and performance of the H/F variant powerplants without the excessive weight and hassle of the cable-based H-series transmission.

The kit comes with the signature "half moon" adaptor plate, aluminum flywheel, and custom plate bolts. Factory dowel pins and flywheel bolts should be utilized. A 0.5" x 7" strip should be shaved from the block/pan assembly to allow access for the driverside axle shaft. Depending on the chassis frame, use of an aftermarket crank pulley may be required. Many enthusiasts will also be pleased to know that a lighter civic style clutch and civic based axles are used as well. Now available with EF driver's side or full mounts only.

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