Heat Shielding Intake Gaskets

A special high temperature insulating gasket which replaces the factory intake gasket. Reusable, this gasket isolates the intake from heat generated by the engine, allowing for a denser intake charge, and over 5-10 whp. A favorite amongst road racers, drag engine builders, and street enthusiasts.

Does not affect emissions, and easy to install. A simple power adder, indeed.

D16A6, D15B1/2/7, heat shielding intake gasket

$59.99  $24.99
Save: 58%
For the 1988 ~ 2000 non vtec civic/crx models/wagon/del sol dx. This gasket has been proven on the Bisimoto 10 second D series engine. more info

F22a, F22b (non-vtec), H23 heat shielding intake gasket

$59.99  $49.99
Save: 17%
For the F22Ax, F22B non-vtec, and H23 non-vtec engine makes. Also used on the Bisimoto 9 second insight, and the Super Street magazine top tuner... more info

H22 & F20B DOHC intake heat shielding gasket

$59.99  $24.99
Save: 58%
For prelude H22, H22a, F20b dohc engines. more info

Subaru WRX Intake gasket

$59.99  $24.99
Save: 58%
Complete set of a pair. more info