Camshafts and Valvetrain

Years of research and development has yielded an array of Bisimoto Spec camshafts for the inline 4, inline 6and V6 powerplants. Street, race and dyno tested, Bisimoto specs have been utilized around the world with amazing results and broken records. Twin cam springs are of the dual springs variety. All SOHC springs are singular in nature. Power figures are available upon request. Vtec specs depict vtec engaged lobs only.

Level 1: Street duty, excellent idle quality, emissions friendly.

Level 1.2: Street/strip Turbo duty, good idle quality, emissions friendly.

Level 2: Street/strip duty, mild idle lope, good for strokers.

Level 2.3: Nitrous duty, slightly lopey idle.

Level 2.4: Heavy street/strip Turbo duty,lopey idle, high RPM profile, Engine Management System (EMS) required.

Level 3: Heavy street, race duty, aggressive idle lope, Engine Management System (EMS) or carburators required.

Level 3.6: Full race Turbo duty,lopey idle, high RPM profile,Engine Management System (EMS) required.

Level X: Pro series, full race profiles, use EMS or carburators only.

No fluff...just absolute power and reliability! Beware of imitators and companies that use the same grind, ordomestic V8 grindson all camshafts.

* Regrind quality is dictated by type and profile of submitted core. All regrind, hardweld and custom rocker applications require core submission. If a core is not available, order from the online store or call in at 888-922-6686. Custom grinds available as well. Units take 7-10 business days to manufacture.