F22B, F20B and F23 SOHC VTEC

F22Ax, F22Bx, F23, F18, F20Bx SOHC Cam gear

The famous Bisimoto No-slip cam gear for the F22A, F22A1, F22A4, F22A6, F23 SOHC VTEC, F22 VTEC SOHC, and F18/F20 SOHC engines. Serrated for... more info

F22b/F23 VTEC intake, exhaust stainless steel valves, 1mm OS

1mm over size intake and exhaust valves, made in stainless steel, swirl polished and designed for high flow, increased strength and power, for the... more info

Level 2, F23 SOHC regrind, vtec

Our most popular grind. Offers a 15% improvement in power over factory, with slightly lopey idle, with emphasis on the 1700 to 5900 rpm range. Takes... more info