1-Gallon, water/methanol injection kit, Version 2 (NEW)

Water/methanol injection for gas engines is a proven means for effectively reducing engine inlet air temperatures and suppressing harmful detonation... more info

1042, 1991-1995 NSX pnp, manual trans only, open box

$1,099.80  $399.99
Save: 64%
This is s working unit, 1042 box, for an Acura NSX. Tested, and all functions work exceptionally well. Used as a display unit, and for mod testing. more info

6030, '01- '05 K series & swaps, 01-05 civic

New, series 2 for the K-series: RSX base/Type-s, 02-04, civic dx/lx/ex 01-05, civic si 02-05K-series, and K-series swaps, excluding element, TSX and... more info

6040, Series 2 ecu, pnp '92-95 civic/delsol/integra:OBD1

Also fits OBD1 Prelude and Accord. AEMs Series 2 Programmable Engine Management System is more powerful than its predecessor. In addition to more... more info

6050, 98-02 accord, 00-01 integra, 99-00 civic pnp

Ideal for 98-02 accord, 00-01 acura integra, 1998-99 Acura CL, 99-00 civic pnp. Manual trans only, and comes with custom Bisimoto Basemap! more info

6052, 2000-05 S2000 pnp, manual trans only

Honda S2000units for model years 2000-2005. Manual trans only, and comes with custom Bisimoto Basemap! more info

6053, 2006-08 S2000 pnp, manual trans only

New!: Honda S2000units for model years 2006-2008. Now you ave a full stand alone systme for your drive-by-wire s2000. No need for inefficient... more info

6060, 96-00 prelude, 96-97 accord, 96-98 civic pnp

New Series 2 ems, ideal for OBD2 96-00 prelude, 96-97 accord and del sol, 96-98 civic. Manual trans only, comes with Bisimoto custom basemap. more info

6611, Nissan KA24

Brand new Series 2 P&P EMS. M/T, with76 Pins, fitsThis product fits the following vehicles: 1997 to 1999 Infiniti G20 2.0L 4 Cyl 1997 to 1998... more info